Deep learning for catalyst driven risk assessment combined with traditional valuation tools so that users can close the gap between probability and certainty.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property valuations often depend on the probability of litigation outcomes. Our deep learning algorithm produces dynamic probabilities based on real-time litigation developments to give users baseline odds. Our platform then allows for bespoke valuations based on real-world inputs. We also offer historical views of valuation data to track asset trends over time.


Broadband spectrum asset valuations depend on supply and demand trends in opaque licensing markets. Isogriv offers insights into these valuation trends over time. We offer this in combination with a deep learning based odds calculation of regulatory trends such as auctions and build-outs. Our valuation tools also include valuation tracking based on the broadband spectrum supply chain from chips all the way to IoT devices.

Pipeline Drugs

Pipeline drugs go through many regulatory processes that create risk for patent assets long before the drugs are added to the FDA Orange Book. Isogriv offers outcome probabilities for clinical trials, litigation, and regulatory developments around drug pricing.

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